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Scottish fold and straight Kits

Virginia Beach, VA - USA
Description: I have Scottish kits that are ready for a new home They were born November nd. sweet Scottish folds male and female(gray) and Scottish straight males black is an office worker he is already wearing white socks black suit white shirt and a tie This is our th litter usually kits are g within a week so don t waste your time and get yourself an awesome and loving friend for the next decade They all have very unique ticked coloration (ticked pattern produces agouti hairs hairs with distinct bands of color on them breaking up the patterning into a salt-and-pepper or sand like appearance. Residual ghost striping can of be seen on the lower legs face and belly and sometimes at the tail tip)Some basic facts about Scottish cats . Scottish cat is medium-sized cat that can reach to pounds of w with a very soft and plush toy like fur. Scottish cat is friendly easy-going and cuddly cat. It is suitable for families with kids other cats and cat-friendly dogs.
Breed: Scottish Fold
Sex: Female,Male
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