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Claire (Adoption Pending) Scottish Fold Kitten Female

Marietta, OH - USA
Description: Claire is an adorable 5-week old female kitten who arrived at the HSOV on December 9, 2017 after she was found on Veto Road in the Belpre Ohio area. This stunning baby girl was the sole survivor after her mother and siblings were killed by a neighborhood dog :( Surely Baby Claire's life was spared for a great reason. Claire has a brown tabby short smooth coat, a long tail, and a cute kitten face with white highlights on her chin/neck areas. The 1st thing you noticed about Baby Claire is her small folded-over ears. Her entire family had inherited that feature and could possibly have been Scottish Fold mixes (or at least wanna-be Scottish Folds). Claire has a sweet playful personality and loves attention. She was given pyrantel wormer on December 9, 2017 and will be given vaccinations when she is a little older. Claire went home with 1 of our adorable foster fosters on December 10, 2017 and has a pending adoption.
Breed: Scottish Fold
Sex: Female
Age: Baby
Updated: -

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