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Adopt Smarty a Gray or Blue Scottish Fold / Mixed (short coat) cat in Santa

Santa Barbara, CA - USA
Description: Smarty is a very sweet 6 y.o. who loves to play & snuggle with his buddy Scrappy - they are a Bonded Pair. I have fostered Smarty & Scrappy for the past month & have discovered them to be a loving, adorable pair who are quite comfortable indoors but love to be outside where they can chase bugs and birds. Smarty is very easy to love and even harder to part ways with so please be ready to love this boy for the rest of his life. Smarty was purchased from a breeder as a kitten, happily lived with a cocker spaniel & small children before he was rehomed 2.5 years ago. He has a heart murmur which I believe to be set on by anxiety (car rides) - the ideal new caretaker should be willing to seek a mobile vet service to reduce the burden on this vital organ. Due to his breed - bred for cartilage deformities that cause the folded ears - ideal caretaker should be aware that his veterinary care can become costly & may need to euthanized to relieve the suffering of the joint issues that lay ahead.
Breed: Scottish Fold
Sex: Male
Color: Blue,Grey
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