Scottish Fold Personality

Scottish fold temperament and personality

Scottish fold Temperament and disposition

With its soft, gentle meows and sweet, affectionate temperament, it’s little wonder this breed has endeared itself so deeply to cat lovers.

Calmness and adaptability

Scottish folds are calm animals who always enjoy playing and being around people. They are adaptable to numerous different environments & can get along quite well with small children, friendly dogs and other cats. A Scottish fold kitten makes a good addition to a multi-pet household, as it will adapt very well to other animals fast. Their calmness is suitable for families with kids, the last thing you want is your kid playing around with an easily irritable cat.

Characteristic Funny Poses and Sleeping Position

Folds frequently stand-on their hind legs or can arrange themselves in various other unusual positions. Folds are well known to sleep lying on their backs and for sitting down with their legs stretched-out and the paws on their belly. This style has it’s own name, it’s called the “Buddha-Position”. These human like positions make this breed even more likeable since it feels closer to us, humans. Folds also have the habit of fitting themselves into various strange places more than other cats do, you may find it for example laying with his back in the washbasin of the toilet.

Scottish Fold Disposition

Playfulness and Movement

Their playfulness is a huge plus, especially if you have kids. Scottish folds are very playful and this combined with their high intelligence scores (usually) make them suitable for owners who wish to play various games with their pets and like to engage them in various activities. It is rare for a fold not to follow the fun. Folds like playing fetch and enjoy outdoor activity (in contrast to what many people believe). Also, there is a notion that folds are a “couch potato” kind of breed, this is not the case however. Even though folds are not among the most energetic cats, they do like to move and it is actually recommended that you keep your fold active if you want to enjoy his company for many years. If you don’t have the time to engage with him/her it is a good idea to find him company acquiring another pet. 😉

Scottish Fold Temperament

Need for affection and attention

Folds tend to bond with their caregivers a lot and usually follow them around the house. You are never lonely if you have a Scottish Fold. Folds are not a talkative breed, however when they do make noise, it is in a small soft voice. Usually they are pleased with sitting close to you but from time to time they will want some cuddling. Folds hate being alone for prolonged periods of time, so if you can’t keep him/her company throughout the day, or if you and your family leave the home in the mornings for work/school etc, it is a good idea to have another pet, so they can entertain one another. In general, the more you love your fold, the more it’s going to love you back.


Scottish fold Personality

In terms of personality Scottish folds vary almost as much as humans do. Their personality also depends on the breed of the non-folded parent. Each folds has it’s own unique trademarks, therefore it is difficult to distinguish some personality traits that all Scottish Folds share in common. In general though, Scottish folds do have their tendencies just like any other  breed. Just remember that what i write bellow doesn’t represent 100% of the folds in existence, you will find a lot of exceptions to the “rules”.

Scottish Fold Personality

Outgoing, Curious and Devoted

The Fold is outgoing & curious, and enjoys following others around. He also loves being involved in what others are doing. He is quite clever & dexterous, you’ll often find him opening the cabinets to see whether he can find anything to snack on or/and play with. It isn’t unusual to find a Fold using paws to splash water or to steal some food from your plate. His most favourite game is fetch & catch but he’s also a great candidate for the food puzzles which will challenge him.

They are easygoing, making them perfect for those who want a simple loving companion. The Fold is also very loyal & tend to easily bond with one person in a household, whom he will follow from room-to-room like a very devoted puppy. His habit of forming strong bonds mean  that he will also require plenty of interaction and attention with the chosen ones, so as we said before, in case your schedule keeps you away for many hours every day, don’t forget to have another pet so he can enjoy the company of someone else when you are away.


Scottish folds are also good candidates for championships and tournaments. Thanks to their adaptability and usually outgoing personalities they can be social even in the most crowded places. After all, for a Scottish fold no one remains a stranger for long time.


Scottish folds, especially the most intelligent ones are often stubborn and have a mind of their own. Note that, love and affection combined with a stubborn Scottish fold might be fun at first, in the long run you might get tired. That’s why it is always a good idea to have another pet or even better, another fold. If yours happens to be very stubborn, at least he/she will have someone else apart from you to play with. There is always the possibility of hitting upon two stubborn ones, in this case, you are doomed. 😛

A Scottish fold Funny as Hell

MaruFinishing our post about Scottish folds temperament i believe it is worth mentioning probably the most famous and fun Scottish fold around the globe. I am talking about Maru of course. Maru is an internet celebrity and well know for his(yes he is a male) love for boxes. You will find a lot videos of him jumping in every kind of box you can imagine. His youtube channel at the time of this writing counts 464,857 subscribers! His videos have a total of 268,361,192 views! He is definitely the most famous Scottish fold after Susie who is the mom of the breed.

There is a good reason Maru gained such a huge following and reputation. He is a Scottish fold! Having a typical Scottish fold temperament and playfulness Maru gave lots of loughs to millions of people with his tricks, his “fails” and “successes”. He is the perfect example of the infinite fun you can have with them. After all, when you spend your time with a Scottish Fold, tricks and games never end, you always can add new things into your routines.

Meet Maru!

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