Building and maintaining a good relationship with your Scottish Fold

Broken hearts. Broken Relationships. We all have problems when dealing with other people but many of us on top of that face problems even with our pets! These little creatures that were supposed to be a pleasant, positive energy in our life.

What went wrong? Obviously it’s not the cats or dogs who have become weird. It is the owners that have gone crazy. With all this stress and workload we barely understand that life is slipping away. If you want to have a positive aura when you return back home from work, consider these things bellow. Be warned, these techniques can really bond you with your fold.

Love Your Scottish Fold


Love is not easy, especially with someone that doesn’t love you back. There is a myth that cats have no feelings. This is far from truth, cats do have feelings, especially Scottish folds. Try to leave for a day or two and let your fold just with food and water and see what happens. You might be shocked to see how traumatised your little friend will be from your absence.

If you want your Scottish fold to love you, you will have to first feel and show bits of love to him or her. Start expressing affection and love and the respond won’t be late. Show love and affection to your fold daily and your relationship will only be getting better and better.

Spend Some Time Together with your Scottish Fold

With the above comes this one. It is not enough to feel love and show it once a day. It is also important that you spend time together. The more time you spend the stronger the bond you will develop. You can also talk to your cat when you are together, they might not understand what you say, but they do understand that you are focusing on them and they like that. So just talk to them.

On the other hand if you don’t spend enough time with your fold, don’t think it won’t notice. It will notice and it will be hurt. The more you neglect it the more troubles you will meet in the future, not to mention the deterioration of your relationship with him/her.

Follow her/his Lead In Fun

Showing love and spending time is common advice. There is one last ingredient that it is vital to your relationship with a cat. This is the individuality of each cat. Cats just like humans have different personalities and tastes. Every breed has a typical personality profile but that doesn’t mean that they don’t vary from the norm at all.

Try to figure out the tastes and distastes of your fold when it comes to social interaction, games and petting. Your fold may really enjoy you brushing it, but hating you keeping it in your lap and hanging it. Every human and every cat have their uniqueness and while humans can change a bit, cats change very difficult. If you cat doesn’t like something she won’t change her mind easily.

Care For The Kitten

The first weeks/months in the life of every kitten is very crucial. Depending when you have acquired you may have the ability to shape habits that will last for a life time. In this period the brain “locks” on patterns and experiences. Whatever your kitten is going to live in these first weeks and months will be the norm of his/her brain in the future.

Then if you want a good relationships with your cat, you should start from day 1. Train your kitten asap. Train it to sit on your belly, to play fetch to be hugged or kissed. Train it in the idea of people going around if you have, or intend to have a busy home. Train- train-train and spend time playing and showing love.

Don’t overdo it though, remember that what your kitten experiences the first months will assume as the norm. Overplaying & spending too much time can some times lead to superficial expectations for the cat. It is all matter of balance.

Share this article with everyone because this way, you will help many cats and their owners create a better life together.

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