Scottish Folds & Vaccines

Vaccination is a very important aspect of keeping your Scottish fold healthy. It protects from certain diseases but it also protects you. There are diseases that can be transferred from your cat to you so vaccination is important for your health as well.

Vaccination comes at a low price to pay but it is not to say that there is zero risk in vaccination. Vaccines are a safe way for the cat’s immune system to build the antibodies required to fight certain diseases. Every time your fold retrieves a vaccine its body receive a minor insult that helps the body build immunity.

Nevertheless, this insult is not innocent. It can often lead to minor side effects or in long term autoimmune disorders and allergies. As you understand, the more vaccines the higher the possibility of complications. Therefore together with your Vet, you should do the core vaccines and any non-core that are necessary specifically for the needs of your individual Scottish fold. No more!

Core Vaccines

Core vaccines are those defined by the American association of feline practitioners (AAFP). They are a series of vaccines considered as essential for every cat. This is the list of these vaccines:

  • Panleukopenia (Feline Destemper) (FPV)
  • Feline Calici Virus
  • Feline Herpes Virus Type 1 (Rhinotracheitis) (FVR)
  • Rabies

In some occasions there are vaccines that may include a combination of the above, so your cat can get protection for multiple viruses in one shot. The Rabies vaccine should be repeated once a year, or once every three years. Other vaccines may need repetitions as well. Ask your veterinarian for more info.

Non-Core Vaccines

Non core vaccines are those that must be tuned in the specific needs of your cat. For example an outdoor cat has different needs from an indoor one. Every location has its special needs and therefore you should consult your veterinarian for any non-core vaccines that your cat should do.

Special Note 1: Usually the breeders vaccinate their kittens. If it is possible together with your kitten ask for a vaccination sheet. If you have already bought your kitten go call or email your breeder. He might not remember the specific kitten but he/she probably does the same vaccines to every kitten.

Special Note 2: If your kitten has received its vaccination from the breeder this doesn’t mean that its done! There are many non-core vaccines that your kitten may need. This is one of the many reasons you should pay a visit to your vet after get a new kitten or cat.

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