scottish fold allergies

Scottish Fold Allergies

In the modern urban environment pets can suffer from allergies just like humans do. Living in a small indoor environment can easily trigger allergies for anyone, even if you have no pets. But especially if you live with an animal of another species the situation can get worse for both, humans and pets.

This is true for both humans and cats. Scottish folds are no exception to this rule and can develop allergies over time. It is not only the environment of cats that has changed over the years it is also their diet and their genes. Modern cats don’t hunt for food, they just wait for you to serve the dinner.

Furthermore due to selective breeding and the myriads of cat breeds that now exist, rapid change in the genome of some breeds has occur, this can also be a cause for allergies in your lovely scottish fold.

Types of Scottish Fold Allergies

scottish fold allergies

Just like with humans cat allergies can be divided in Environmental allergies and food allergies. Environmental allergies can be triggered by anything in the environment of your cat, like seasonal changes, or something in your house, like a cleaning product you use.


Environmental Allergies

Environmental allergies come in two forms, seasonal and year-round. Sometimes seasonal allergies can turn to all year-round allergies, we will see this in a moment.

Seasonal Allergies

Cat allergies usually manifest themselves as irritation or inflammation of the skin (aka allergic dermatitis) and in some cases, even not so common the allergy might be expressed as an irritated respiratory system with running nose, watery eyes etc.. Allergic dermatitis can also cause hair loss, open sores on the skin, and scabbing in the irritated areas, because of scratching chewing as the animal tries to relief itself from the itchiness.

If your Scottish Fold shows these symptoms you should visit a good veterinarian to relief the symptoms for the can and help you find the source of the problem.

All-Year Round Allergies

Your Scottish fold can develop all year round allergies in two cases. The first case is if you have an allergen in your house that constantly triggers your cat’s allergy. The second case is a little bit overlooked. It usually happens when your vet doesn’t pay enough attention to your pet’s seasonal allergies and leaves them untreated, or provides only symptomatic treatment and leaves the root of the allergy untouched. Therefore your cat year after year becomes worse and worse, until the seasonal allergy becomes so severe that express itself all year long.


Food Allergies


Food allergies are also quite common among cats. Food allergies usually develop when your cat has a leaky gut and is exposed to a specific allergen for long time. Unfortunately due to cost reduction and owners ignorance we have added to the cat’s plate many things that are not appropriate for our feline friends, things like potatoes, grains, corn, wheat and many more massively (cheap) produced crops.

These ingredients are not digestible and irritate the digestive tract of the cat, often leading to a leaky gut. From this point on, food sensitivities and allergies are inevitable. So what should you do?

  1. Find a vet that is aware of these things and treats the problem to the root not just the symptoms.
  2. Feed your Scottish Fold raw food that contains as less carbohydrates and grains.
  3. Have three or four sources of protein and rotate them so you cat can have variety in it’s diet.
  4. Watch the video bellow. Dr. Karen Becker will give you some great insights.

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