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A Real Rescue Story that made me love Scottish folds

Not long ago I was returning home after a buddies gathering at at the house of a one of my best friends. We’ve eaten so much I barely could walk. We had a lot of fun and laughs. As I was going home I though things could not get any better this day. I was wrong! While I was approaching my door I saw a strange paper box at the doorstep of my backyard.

I realized from the voices that I had to do with an abandoned litter box. This is not the first time it happens in my neighbourhood since everybody knows I am very passionate and caring about animals. I opened it up and faced 3 little kittens staring at me with beautiful Gray eyes and black furs with white stripes here and there.

I fed them and arranged a place for them to sleep and rest that my other cats had no access to (my bedroom) and posted my new finding on facebook and twitter. Apart from all the digital awws and <3 they received, I also found 2 candidates for adoption! I couldn’t feel luckier.


After vet Examination and checks to ensure they are perfectly healthy, I gradually introduced them to the rest of my cats (2). Cats are not very keen to newcomers, especially other cats, but those little kittens were too young to pose a real threat, so they have been quickly accepted in the pack. It is very important that the kittens stick together with other cats when they are young. If they don’t, they might think themselves more as humans rather than cats which can lead in strange behaviours in their adult lives.

After a few weeks I’ve noticed a small folding in one of my kittens ears. I was for the first time in my life, a Scottish Fold owner! Not to one, but three little Scottish folds! As you can imagine I fell in love with the breed instantly.

Royal Scottish Fold

Rescue Centres

Now not everyone is as lucky as I was to find a Scottish fold litter at their doorstep. Unfortunately not every Scottish fold is as lucky as mine to be adopted by a cat lover. For those unlucky cats and Scottish fold funs there are rescue centres! Rescue centres and shelters are places were all the homeless cats go and live.


You can find many different breeds of cats there including Scottish folds! If you want a Scottish fold go out there and search one in need for home. Not only you will save hundreds of dollars but you will also save a life from suffering. Shelters do a terrific job, but they can’t be compared with a real family and a real home.

Scottish Fold Rescue

On top of that you can visit the site of Scottish Fold Rescue Inc. It is a non profit dedicated to Scottish fold rescues. Their site seems to be outdated but you can still find useful information there, including some nice books about Scottish folds. Also you can search, most of the listings can usually be found at petfinder too. Last but not least you can visit our own kittens for adoption page.

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