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Scottish Folds As Pets

Would you like to have an all in one pet? A friendly, social, adaptable, devoted, intelligent and sometimes playful companion? Well, then you search for a Scottish fold.

Calm and Adaptable

One of the characteristics of Scottish folds is their adaptable nature. They are very adaptable to other pets and kids, making them ideal for families. They also seem to have no problem with crowded environments, whether these are cat shows or they are gatherings of friends and family at home.


Their adaptable nature also makes them suitable for people who travel a lot. Scottish folds will have no problem do travelling with you as long you don’t neglect them during your travel.

They also tend to be very calm and tolerant to other pets and humans. Many cats are completely intolerant to “dog love”, for the fold everything is manageable, no reason to get upset. Nevertheless don’t push their calmness to the limits. Especially with kids, if a child persistently annoys the fold don’t expect it to stay calm forever.

Playful, Friendly & Social

Thankfully the situations where a child annoys a fold are infrequent. Folds are very friendly and social animals,  if someone wants social interaction and games they will happily participate. Scottish folds enjoy playing fetch and having fun outdoors. If you go for a pick nick don’t forget to take them with you. They will love it.


One more thing to note with folds is that they hate to be alone for prolonged hours, therefore if you are away from home for many hours you should buy/adopt another pet to keep them company. If you don’t they can become miserable and depressed due to their loneliness.

Curious, Devoted and Intelligent

Scottish folds are very devoted pets. To whom they bond they want to follow everywhere. With a scottish fold at home, you are never alone. Even in the most private moments your fold can pop up out of nowhere!

It is not only their devotion to you that drives them. It is also their highly curious and intelligent personalities. Scottish folds are among the most clever breeds of cats. Their curiosity can lead them to all sorts of strange places, for this you should always check before you start the dryer or washing machine.

scottish fold licking


We couldn’t leave out the stubbornness Scottish folds display. They might be social, they might be playful, devoted and intelligent. But they are stubborn. If something gets into their minds it won’t easily get out.


If you are about to buy a Scottish fold, your life will never be the same again. Your new friend will rarely leave you alone, he will be asking for games and love. Not only that, but he will invade your privacy whenever he can. But, he will always be 100% devoted to you and totally cool with your friends, family and other pets. Also he will never complain if you two travel a lot together.

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