Scottish Fold In Crate

Transportation 101

The time has come, you’ve lived for many months with your fold and you want to travel. But you know folds hate staying alone and you have nobody to live him/her home. So you decide to take your fold with you. Here are some things you should have in mind.

scottish fold in crate

One of the most important things is to have a good crate that is both comfortable for your scottish and acceptable by the airlines (It must fit under the passengers seat). Your crate will must be a sources of safety and comfort for your cat because it will spend hours in it.

Microchip Your Fold


No matter if you travel by airline, car or ship you should have your fold microchiped and detectable in the destination you’ll go. It is not rare for pets to get lost in travels. Not having your fold microchiped will give almost zero chances of finding it in case of lost.

Know Your Destination & Travel-Destination Policies

Another thing you should do is learn the policies of your hotel and travelling carrier. There are a variety of regulations regarding animal transfer worldwide, you may need passport and a variety of documents for your fold. You could also see this article for more information on airline pet travelling.

Another thing you should know is that most hotels and planes have limited room for pets. Even if they accept pets on board airlines limit the amount of pets that can travel on a single flight. For this reason you should get your reservations earlier than normal. You should also note that you have to travel in the same plane with your cat, otherwise you should use a dedicated service of pet transfer.

Train Your Kitty & Plan Ahead

This is also a very important step. It is fairly difficult to train an adult cat that has never used a crate before to be OK with it. It is better that you train your fold from a small age, when it is still young. Familiarize it with the concept of a crate, add toys in it and reward every time it uses it.

It is also wise that you do regular small trips with the crate and make them a positive experience for your cat before you try a loooong journey. This can be a visit to the grandma, or anywhere that your cat can have fun.

If your scottish fold is adult don’t worry. Adults can be trained to use a crate, especially the scottish folds are famous for their adaptability. Just follow the same rules, reward, small, funny-positive trips and you are ready to go.

Travelling Together With Your Scottish Fold

You may consider using a natural calmer product for your fold before you leave. If you do I suggest you test it before you pay a visit to your vet for example and see for yourself how good or bad it works. Consult your veterinarian for what you should look for, he or she can give you great advice.

Take with you essential supplies. These include a portable litter tray, with litter bags with clear litter and a small amount of home litter. Food for the whole travel since you might not be able to find the same food in your destination.  Water of course and portable bowls. A pet pad for your crate will be of grate help in case of an “accident” it will absorb smells and stuff.

Letting Your Scottish Fold Travel Alone

What if you don’t want to travel with your Scottish fold but rather you want to sent him/her somewhere else. In this case you’ll have to use the extra services of the appropriate carrier. To find more information on this topic read here.

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